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Sharer's stories

Keira + Bluebell

I signed up to Share My Pony early this year after I saw an advert on Instagram and was slowly giving up hope in finding the perfect share pony. It wasn't long afterwards that I found the perfect pony! Despite her not being my type, at least so I thought, I immediately clicked with her and she has the most amazing friendly owner. My new share pony has taught me so much and I can't wait to get out pursuing my dreams of competing and introducing her to jumping soon (she hasn't done much of this!). I can't thank Share My Pony enough and couldn't be any happier with my new share!

Skye + Maggie

I found my current sharer through this fabulous page. I came across a problem when I first signed up as I had messed my email up and I messaged them to get it sorted and they got back to me very quick and sorted the problem out straight away.

I think the site is great as you have enough space to write a good description about your horse and can put up a lot of photos which helps potential shares to see what your horse would be like. Can't thank this page enough as my new sharer that's has been with me for about 1/2 months is brilliant. Was very quick and easy to find a sharer after I was so worried I would be searching forever.

Charlotte + Major

So I found a home for my pony through Share My Pony, it all started when I saw an ad on Instagram. At first I was thought it was another scam to get my money but I looked into it more and found an amazing consistent way to share your horse! I found the best home for Major and he is really happy and honestly I cannot thank Share My Pony enough for this

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